PANTIO boxes consist of a body container and perforated inserts.

The body container of the box is placed into the soil or in the greenery area, and it serves as the reservoir of water for supplying the plants.Prepared soil and the decorative plants are put into the perforated insert. The insert can be easily exchanged if necessary.

Possibility to choose boxes in countless different colors and grow a wide variety of plants - from early spring till late fall. Thanks to their unique construction, the boxes are easily maintained and transported even with plants fully grown.

Standard dimensions are 33x86x15 cm, capacity 20 liters. Material: ABS


  • backyard gardens and balconies
  • greenery of cities, terraces, commercial areas
  • growing herbs
  • greenery at cemeteries


  • There is no need for weeding plants in the box
  • Easy-to-change composition (thanks to perforated inserts)
  • Boxes are suitable for growing plants in areas with bad quality soil
  • Long-term water reserve (in cases of drought or rare watering). Reduced plant care costs.
  • Protects against tree roots
  • Water amount equalizer (prevents plant roots’ decay)
  • The system protects plants from parching thanks to the double partition walls